Property Advice to Administrators

Povall Worthington Ltd have gained considerable experience over recent years in assisting appointed administrators in achieving best achievable return on building and land assets across their portfolio of commercial and residential holdings at various stages of completion.

We provide our clients with advice on all construction-related issues and identify potential of individual sites within estate and possible means to add value via investment appraisals for each site which we use to develop an action plan to progress planning applications/ achieve sales to realize maximum return from site. To inform the appraisals we survey the condition of existing properties and identify best use, or works required to achieve completion of unfinished schemes. We also provide a full design service for new developments to obtain planning approval to maximize site value and a full contract administration service to tender completion and remedial works schemes, and manage works on site to ensure quality and value for money for our clients, including ensuring all statutory approvals required are obtained and providing lease maps and all other documents, etc required for sale.